Normally I’m watching X-Files or playing on Tekkit or something but tonight my mind is 100 miles per minute. Way too much going on to focus. So I might stay up for a bit. Then again I’m sure that once I start laying down, that’ll be it. POOF.

Bro, the next time some stuck-up bitch tries to start shit with us, let’s both start reblogging pics of giant spiders.


when a popular character dies


Agent Coulson.

Except in Marvel nobody truly DIES anymore.

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Oh my God speaking of Furbies. My friend Bri/Bree (Idk how her name’s spelled) said she was sleeping over at a friend’s house one night years ago, and she got the kid’s room. It was LINED with the damn things. She said in the middle of the night, one woke her up going, in this deep voice, “FEEEED MEEEEE.” She was like NOPE and got outta there. Hell, one of mine did that in the middle of the night one night. Its BATTERIES were out even. Yet somehow it goes, in this creepy, energetically-dead voice, “DAAADDDYYYY FOOOOOOOD.”

I fucking wanted to chuck that thing. THEY’RE POSSESSED.

Bandit is cleaning Midnight’s head and it’s adorable. :3

There is a time and place for decaf coffee. Never and in the trash.

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Of course, the first night I start following you again, coffee gets mentioned. Why did I not expect that.

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I don’t trust those pics you post anymore bro. :P


M200 Cheytac.


M200 Cheytac.

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