She’s made of diamonds but breaks like paper
All because it seems like everyone hates her
She picks up the pen and she writes on her skin
A language that she’ll have to hide again
Nobody knows it and it doesn’t show
Her teachers and family wonder, though
A girl so pretty with eyes so wide
Still feels so much pain inside
She dresses up those pearly white teeth
While nobody sees the pain underneath
Lost in the sounds of falling apart
Silently dying from a broken heart
Her long sleeves cover that scarred up page
No one should feel that at such a young age
She takes a deep breath and rolls up her sleeve
She bares her heart on the paper aggrieve


This poem is to promote awareness for self-harm. Please, if you or anyone you know is struggling, fight it. Find a way to get help. There is help out there, and they won’t judge you; they won’t treat you different. You have to stop sometime. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Life is a song - don’t walk away in the middle of it.