I just wanna take a second and talk about something that happened to someone I cared for, very much. Someone I never got the pleasure to meet. It’s crazy how much you can miss someone you never actually saw, or talked to. But she knew all about me though. She was pregnant at the time, too. I was gonna be an uncle.

She was on her way to see us. I was just told that I had a sister, and as long as I can remember, I’ve just always wanted to have a sister. Well, there was a trucker on the road, driving a big 18-wheeler. I guess he had a bad day or something. Maybe he had just gotten fired, or something happened at home, I don’t know.

People always ask me why I hate alcohol; why I don’t like drinking. Seeing it just pisses me off. Hearing about it in songs about “how drunk you’re gonna get” pisses me off. I was going through a lot at the time. She was coming for me. I was so excited. She was 24 at the time; I was 11. Now I’m that age. I knew hardly nothing about her, but with the things I do know, I regret the memories that I never got to make. But I’m glad that I don’t bother with alcohol. I’ve had it, sure, but I’ve never been drunk, and I never drive at the same time.

But that drunk driver killed my sister in an accident, along with her unborn baby. People argue with their siblings all the time and the best I can say to them, is at least you still have yours.

Don’t drink and drive, people. Do both of them responsibly. Even if the consequences don’t affect you, they could fatally affect someone else. I don’t want this happening to anyone else, because that man robbed me of the opportunity I had held out for. You never know what you might be taking away from somebody. Even if you have just one, you need to be responsible…because I only had just one sister.