I’m not lazy, I’m motivationally challenged.

If you’re writing about a character, if he’s a powerful character, unless you give him vulnerability I don’t think he’ll be as interesting to the reader.

Stan Lee

One of my all time FAVORITE things about Marvel is that their mainstream superheroes are based around a disability or a challenge, and the powers they receive come from that limitation, or from overcoming it. Hulk is anger, Thor is humility, Iron Man is pride, Spider-Man is responsibility, X-Men are about being different, etc. There’s just so much Marvel does, and their universe is so expansive. I grew up with these characters, and as a child, they were a coping mechanism for me. The fact that they’ve been brought to the bigger, cinematic world in my adult years has been a reminder that even though the child inside of us may grow up, the imagination never will.